All the cool kids are doing it……..

In an attempt to stay cool, like the rest of my quilting buddies, I have decided to start a blog…..This could be a disaster. I know how to quilt, but to make coherent thoughts and present them in a way that people would want to read them…scary! Now I have to head off and try to figure out how to work this darn site. Wish me luck!!



  1. YAHOO!!
    I am glad you caved to the peer pressure. You have so much great stuff to share!

  2. I am so proud of you! I would like to see this blog littered with my quilts. You did tell me I would always be your favorite. I expect you to keep your word and express it in images and the occasional poetic outburst.

  3. glad you did angela. i’m looking forward to seeing your work on a regular basis! welcome to blogland!

  4. Very good! Love your banner. You must show us that quilt in person… It’s lovely.

  5. Nikki- Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately this quilt isn’t mine, sigh, it’s a customers quilt. She did a gorgeous job though.

  6. It is a gorgeous quilt, indeed. I just love the way you quilted it, making everything into flowers. Fun, fun!

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