No Quilting tonight

The sniffly-nose, sinus headache monster has visited me today. So I will forgo my nightly quilting marathon and will, instead, don comfy clothes and watch “The Biggest Loser”. While I eat cookies, of course.

Recently I have decided to try and improve my sewing skills beyond just a 1/4 inch straight seam. After searching the web, I found a pattern for a super cute flower pin cushion and decided to give it a try. I have a soft spot in my heart for fun pin cushions and have more than I would like to admit to.

After a few pricked fingers and mild curse words, this was the finished product:


  1. Whitney Wilson says:

    Love the oiun cushions….i saw a small elephant that was really cute on line that I thought I might tey…but Hey I like this just as well and it is FREE….all about FREE good stuff and i need a new pin cushion. I am a project runway girl…do you watch this? My husband likes it too…or at leat pretends to. Whit

  2. Whitney Wilson says:

    PS I can type…… really I can! (i forget to use spell check)

  3. I love project runway. Everytime I watch it, I want to start sewing my own clothes. Then I realize that I am not a seamstress, *sigh*. My husband doesn’t like it at all so I am forced to watch it the next morning while he is at work. At least we have a DVR now. In the past, I had to catch reruns or go to a friends house!

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