In a direct response to a call to litter my blog with Tula’s quilts, I feel I must post this picture. Not that I took the picture or anything. I shamelessly ripped it off of Tula Pink’s website.

I don’t have my own picture because of the very last minute nature of this quilt. When Tula graced me with its presence I was 8 3/4 months pregnant. I dreadfully worried that I would burst at any second and leave her gorgeous quilt all by it’s lonesome self on my quilting rack. So big belly and all, I quilted as fast as my swollen piggies would let me and rushed it back to her. Once it was safe in Tula country, I was free to have my baby in peace. Aw….good times!



  1. Angela,
    When you actually walked through the door with this quilt I almost had a baby myself! I felt so bad, you were so huge and cute. Welcome baby Chloe, this should be her baby quilt. I will let her play on it when she comes to the shoppe.
    Love you both,

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