Bag Balm for what?

I came across this article while browsing the web (you know, wasting time). It’s about Bag Balm, a medicinal product formulated over a hundred of years ago and the weird ways one could use it. Supposedly it’s great for quilters’ pricked fingers among other, ahem, things……



  1. Oh, I love bagbalm! My dad used it on our milk cow when I was a kid growing up. Later on, I heard it worked great on diaper rash so for all four of my kids I used it. It was surreal opening that first can of bagbalm–when the scent hit my nose it sent me back in time.

    Great stuff for garden-hands, too!

  2. A container of Bag Balm should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

    Put some on any cut, abrasion, cracked skin by the fingernail (I get that a lot in winter), etc., and it takes away the soreness. It’s a miracle salve. Put a bandaid over it so it doesn’t come off or make your clothes greasy.

    Mark Lipinski, delightful writer for “Quilter’s Home,” had a group test Bag Balm along with hand lotions. The ladies gave it a bad review because they didn’t know what it was. It shouldn’t have been included because its purpose is not the same as for hand lotion.

    When I did hand quilting, every night I put it on my left hand fingers that got pricked by the needle. In the morning my fingers were fine.

    Believe me, it works wonders!

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