Hot off the rack

I think I may have set a personal record completing two quilts in less than 24 hours and I sure am tired.

This is a personal quilt of Kathy’s unfortunately. As I quilted it, I determined that I would buy the kit and make one for myself. But they don’t carry this in their store.

One of my favorite things to do is to quilt around the designs in the fabric. It really makes them seem to pop out.

More photos of the quilting:

Here is an example of the quilting in the sashing………oh wait, that’s the piece of sashing that I missed while quilting. I didn’t notice that I skipped it while I was quilting it, while I was looking it over or while I was taking pictures of it. No, I didn’t notice it until I was at the quilt shoppe laying it out in front of Kathy and Tula Pink! How embarrassing. I was ready to climb behind a bolt of fabric and disappear! Good thing they thought it was funny!



  1. those flowers are amazing!!

  2. Thanks, Alex, all I did was trace them 🙂

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