Work in progress

Normally, I show quilts that I have finished quilting, but this is an exception. When Tula Pink, fabric designer extraordinaire, gave me her cartwheel quilt top to quilt, I was so excited. Nestled in between giant circle of fabric were some white spaces to quilt on. I don’t get this opportunity often, so I am taking full advantage of it! I am doing trapunto on this quilt, a method that makes your quilting designs pop out! So the first thing I do is to start drawing all over it, with a water soluble marking pen of course!

Once my designs are on the quilt, I load it on the quilting rack with just the top and some fluffy batting, no backing this time around. I quilt around just the designs.

The fun begins! Then I begin to trim away all the batting except for the designs, ever so careful not to snip the top. All the swirls and points is making this a long chore. I have been trimming for about 5 hours and am not done yet!

Once finished with this step, I will load the quilt and quilt as normal. More pictures to follow!



  1. I love seeing the process. Thanks!


  1. […] quilt, because, Miss Tula hasn’t seen it yet. I blogged about the trapunto I did in the quilt here. Detailed pictures to follow […]

  2. […] trim the excess batting away. Then you reload it and quilt the whole thing again. Here is a blog post about a quilt I quilted with […]

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