Hot off the rack

The Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild has been such an awesome experience. I have met many new friends and, now, even a new customer. Whitney trusted me with her second quilt and she did a fantastic job putting it together, even though it’s only her second quilt ever!

The quilt pattern is Tula Pink’s Cherry Pie. But with the super cute boy fabric, I affectionately refer to it as Jungle Gym. Don’t the blocks look kinda like something little boys would climb all over?

In each stripe of the block, I quilted a design. I alternated between a scroll and smushed circles (isn’t that a cute name). I love, love, love the texture that the quilting makes on this quilt.

And how cute is the backing!! I just love the little blocks.



  1. Whitney Wilson says:


  2. What a super cute quilt! Gonna have to get my hands on that pattern! I have a question, when someon sends you a quilt do they tell you how they want it quilted or do you just do what you thinks looks best? and also approximately how much is machine quilting, how much would it cost to quilt a lap size quilt?

  3. Cris~ Thanks for the comment on the post. Email me at and I can give you all the info about what I charge. As far as how I quilt it, it totally depends on the piecer of the top. About 95% of my customers let me do whatever I want, but others will tell me how they like it quilted. I know most of my “quilt ladies” enough to know that a particular person doesn’t like something (such as thread color, density of quilting etc). Hope that all makes sense!

  4. So pretty (both the quilt and your amazing handiwork). I love to see all of your projects!

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