Quilting Efficient

Since I am about 700 miles from my quilting machine (I sure do miss her), I am going back and looking over older pictures of quilts I have quilted. This one was a sample quilt that I did for Kathy at the Stewartsville Quilt Shoppe.

It is a gorgeous quilt from the fabrics to the pattern, as well as the piecing. But this is what I really want you to look at:

I really like the quilting design that I chose to do in the blocks, but the great thing is that I was able to do this design with NO starting and stopping. In fact, I was able to do all the blocks in the row with only one start and stop. You may wonder why this is important. First of all, it’s a lot faster. The less starts and stops, the quicker I get the quilt done. With 3 young children, speed is of the essence. Second of all, the less starts and stops the less chance of the quilting unraveling and the nicer it looks. I try to make the starts and stops as inconspicuous as possible but they are still there. Everytime I decide how I am going to quilt a top, I always, always, always, pick my designs on how efficient they are and how quick I can get them done.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Whitney Wilson says:

    Why aren’t you outside sking? or snowboarding?

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