Big News

I have to admit, I have been keeping a secret. I finished an awesome quilt for an awesome lady last week and am just now able to post it on here. Jacquie, a quilting artist that I met through the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild emailed me a couple weeks ago with the title line, “need your quilting services”. I had met her a few times and was in awe by her and her amazing quilting. I could NOT believe that she was asking me to quilt THE selvage quilt. No pressure, right?!

Here is the finished quilt.

I drew up some ideas for the quilt and was so nervous that she wouldn’t like them. But she did and the rest is quilting history!

This quilt is made up of over 1500 pieces of selvages, some from the fabrics that she has used in her own quilts. It is truly an heirloom and I am so proud to have a part in the quilting of it. Thanks to Jacquie for the pictures, she is multi-talented for sure!



  1. What a beautiful quilt! The quilting you did is a perfect fit!

  2. Everyone over at Jacquie’s blog is just amazed by your quilting! To have taken those little pieces of fabric that most of us toss and made it into something so beautiful – between the two of you, you have created a miracle! *S*

  3. Love it. Good job you two!

  4. Every once in a while a perfect thing happens–the stars align, the clouds give way to sunshine, you catch a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow.
    this is one of those perfect unions–congratulations! The beauty you have added to this quilt will ensure that it lasts for generations to adore!

  5. I tried to think of appropriate words to describe how phenomenal that quilt is.

    I failed.

    You and Jacquie are just WAY too fabulous!

  6. What a unique and whimsical quilt! Interesting use of selvages. I love the quilting you did on it too! Wonderful! Your photos are great too!

  7. you are super talented!!! those are some mad quilting skills there!!

  8. I sense the pressure involved in being asked to quilt such a great top but you more than met the challenge. You did a beautiful job on that quilt!

  9. You are a fabulous quilter, WOW!!! I am completely impressed.

  10. Thanks everyone! I think I will be blushing for a long time 🙂

  11. You really did an amazing job … how serendipitous for you two artists to meet and work together… also noticed the quilt you did for Tula Pink… wow… you really are super talented.

  12. Cornelia says:

    you did a fabulous job, I love your quilting and the quilt turns out so great

    Hugs Cornelia

  13. You both have done an awesome job!!

  14. this is an absolutely stunning quilt, and your quilting is amazing! love it!

  15. That is hands down one of the most spectacular quilting jobs I have ever seen!

  16. What a beautiful collaboration! It turned out perfect.


  1. […] for stopping by. I finished this “Feeling Blue” Quilt pretty soon after Jacquie’s Selvage quilt and the quilting styles I used on them couldn’t have been more different. This quilt was such […]

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