Orange Crush

Ok, that’s not the name of the quilt but it certainly fits it, don’t you think?

This quilt was made by Shea, my fabulous quilter friend, for her daughter. She must love her daughter more then I love mine because my little one doesn’t have a quilt near this cool. Shea strolled into my quilt studio and spread it out on the table and my jaw dropped. Some of those squares are tinier then the buttons on her cell phone. She is super cool and lets me do my own thing, but she did request orange thread. How awesome is that! I love working with different colors and orange is just too fun!

This is a close up of some of the blocks. I did random designs in random blocks. A little here, a little there, a little everywhere.

Another photo of the blocks because they are just so darn cute!

Then, of course, the obligatory photo of the back of the quilt (my favorite!), it’s almost as stunning as the front.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Orange Crush is a good name for it, seeing how it nearly crushed my spirit several times when I thought I’d never get it finished!

    You = a super terrific person, quilter, and pal.

    See you tomorrow!!

    • Rosie Westerhold says:


      Is this your original design or is it a pattern? I’d love to know your source for this pattern.

      Thanks a bunch!

  2. Alison Schmidt says:

    oh my goodness , this is one of my favorite quilts on Flickr, especially b/c of your quilting, and I can’t believe that I just clicked over to your blog from Jacquie’s blog to learn more about the quilter of her selvedges , and here it was! (I belong to the Los Angeles MQG).

  3. What a beautiful quilt and quilting! You both did such a great job!

  4. I adore this quilt! and the quilting on it!

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