Tough act to follow

“The Selvage Quilt” and Jacquie’s raving review is a real tough act to follow up. So I picked a super simple quilt to show you.

Every year I make a quilt for our church’s preschool to raise a little money. This isn’t a new thing to me. I know in March of every year, I need to have it finished and ready to go. So why is it that I was begging my husband to take the kids to school for I could finish it one hour before it had to be done. Ahh….procrastination is alive and well in my life. Since I was rushing, it wasn’t the best piecing job in the world. That’s why I am only showing a distant picture of the quilt. Hopefully you can’t see the tucks in my sewing.

Here is the close up of my daughter, Cloe’s hands.

The quilt is made with all the hand prints and names of all the kids in the class. Then it is raffled off at “Grandparent’s Day”. I didn’t win it but at least I have the pictures of it. I quilted it with a basic swirly meander since I had waited until the last day to finish it. But I did trace the kids’ hands with my quilting to make them stick out a little more. It’s not near as awesome as the selvage quilt, but it’s still a cute little quilt.



  1. Kelly Harris says:

    Love this! Reminds me of when we first met 🙂

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