Baby not included in the giveaway!

A very common question that people ask me is what kind of batting I recommend. The kind of batting that I use the most often is Quilter’s Dream Poly select. It’s the only brand that I keep on hand in my studio. Not only because I love it, but also because I don’t have a whole lot of room in my studio. I use it in all of my personal quilts as well as most of my customer quilts. And while I use their poly batting, they have other kinds of batting as well. The giveaway this week is a crib size (46X60) package of Dream Angel batting. Here’s what it says on their website about Dream Angel:

Dream Angel is made of fibers that are engineered to be flame retardant. The fibers are designed not to melt or flow when in contact with flame. The fibers are inherently flame retardant with no chemical additives and no PBDE’s. Dream Angel can be machine washed and dried and will not loose the flame retardant quality. Dream Angel was tested byDream Angel was tested by an independent laboratory and meets both international standards and the NEW DRAFT CAL 604.

Dream Angel has a wonderfully natural look and feel. The fibers are needlepunched into a beautiful, soft, cozy batting, very resistant to creasing. No need to prewash! Heavenly for both hand and machine quilting. Confidently stitch up to 6″ apart. It drapes beautifully. Finished quilt may be machine washed and dried.

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post about what kind of batting you like to use in your quilts. Then next Saturday, I will do a random drawing and the winner will receive this package for free. If you don’t live near me, I will pay to ship it to you.

This giveaway is over but check back in for more fun prizes!



  1. Ellen Ban says:

    I like to use Warm and White batting, especially with white fabrics! Your work is beautiful! Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  2. I like to use warm and natural. Although if I could afford it all the time there is a bamboo batting on the market that is fabulously soft. But it is thin however and for some quilts I think I would want it to be thicker.
    I tend to like a thicker batting…
    I would love to feel the denseness of this batting vs what I use now…

  3. I only use warm & natural because the thought of a polyester-bat quilt “melting” onto someone completely freaks me out!

    I had no idea that chemical-free, flame retardant batting was even on the market! Thank you! Thank you! I’d love to give it a try ☺ on a quilt I’m mulling over for baby Patrick♥ (“Supercute”)

  4. Whitney Wilson says: bought Bamboo batting because I had no idea what to buy and thought I wasn’t going to spend a lot of time on a quilt and them buy cheap batting…but I didn’t know anything and really still don’t….that’s why I am friends with someone who does know everything 🙂

  5. Alison Schmidt says:

    So far I have used a variety of mostly cotton batting like Warm & White (which is really linty, and has been shedding all over my sewing room!), Warm & Natural, and the Fairfield 80/20 cotton/poly that is sold at Joann Fabrics, and I have to say I love the 80/20. It really is snuggly, but enough cotton so it breathes. I did just buy a big stack of samples from The Batty Lady, so I am curious to play with them.

  6. I use either warm & white or warm & natural, but have always wondered if a poly blend would breathe the same way. They sure are cheaper, anyway.

  7. i’ve never used that type of batting. I use warm and natural. I like the way it makes the quilt appear “thin” but it’s still warm and snuggly.

  8. harrispen says:

    I use the Quilters Dream 100% cotton Select or Request.

  9. I like wool batting…but dream angel batting sounds great, would love to try it!

  10. A Hobbs representative gave me a huge roll of their stuff for Quilts of Valor, so I’ve used that some lately, but it’s pretty lofty. Not sure exactly what kind it was (have forgotten) but it’s a poly, I think.

    I prefer warm and natural. It comes in white or tan.

    Might try your kind next time, though!

  11. Kochernut Mama says:

    I love warm & natural as well…I have used a black Hobb’s 80/20 for darker quilts, but it just doesn’t have the same feel as the warm & natural.

  12. I’ve tried all different kinds of batting: Hobbs, Warm and Natural, Bamboo, and Quilters Dream. My favorite is Quilters Dream Select. I haven’t tried their polyester batting yet.

    I love the quilting you did on Jacquie’s selvage quilt. It’s gorgeous.

  13. I’ve only used a thin polyester for my first project, a tablerunner-size job, but am making a lap quilt next and will use something more snuggly. It’s my birthday next month & I’ve put some quilt sample packs on my wishlist from a UK site … I work at a slower pace than you! Anyway, I thought it might be fun to make another quilt using the squares of different types of batting- i’d appreciate your thoughts on this being a daft idea or not 😉

    PS, although the giveaway is fab, shipping to England might be overly expensive- I’d understamd if this were a US-only jolly!

    • I think that making a quilt with different kinds of batting is a great idea! You could see how each batting looked, side by side. Very cool idea. And if you win, I will definitely ship it out to you. I might ship myself to England to hand deliver it, wouldn’t that be fun!

      • Hand delivery would be awesome, we’re having a beautiful Spring here on the Norfolk Broads. Thanks for the encouragement!

  14. You won’t hear about a much different batt from me. I always use Quilters Dream Blend, made especially for use with machines.

    Last time I ordered the 60″ wide roll and found that to be a vast improvement over trying to work with Queen size and cut it down. They’ve not had a roll in Blend for very long.

    It’s a blend of cotton and poly.

  15. Parthena Wollen says:

    Quilting for the first time and am using Quilter’s Dream 100% cotton batting. Looking forward to trying out some others to figure out what I like. When I’m more experienced, I’d like to try the silk, and bamboo.

  16. My quilter usually uses Quilter’s Dream Select or Request on my quilts

  17. I’ve only really completed one wall hanging so far, but I think I used warm and natural batting in it.
    I have yet to learn what the differences really are between battings.
    Thanks for the chance to win something new to try 🙂

  18. I have always been a Hobb’s 80/20 fan, but recently tried Quilters Dream Poly and really like it.

    Is there also a corn based batting? We are corn farmers and would like to try that batting. Has anyone tried the corn batting?

  19. Patty Simmons says:

    I usually use Quilters Dream Cotton in the Request loft. It gives me a great flat appearance that I like on my quilts. I’ve also used the new Bamboo/Cotton batting on some tote bags and it stitches very nicely on my home machine.

  20. i love the way warm and natural/white makes my quilts look after they have been washed. although the name is a fallacy, i have found that they aren’t very warm… i have tried a bamboo batting that i LOVE. i haven’t tried QD cotton. i have a quilt that needs to be quilted so i will see if i can find it. thanks for the fun giveaway!

  21. Sarah Stevens says:

    I have used several different battings and really like the Quilters Dream wool. I haven’t yet tried the Puff, but want to soon.

  22. I love the Quilters Dream 80/20. I also use the Warm and White.

  23. I am so new to quilting I haven’t used anything yet! But I did learn (in a class) about the different types of batting, when you should use what, etc. I had never thought about needing a different type of batting depending on the distance between the lines of quilting. Oh what a class will do!!!

    So, I don’t have a favorite but enjoy learning about it all.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. I like cotton batting, but I’ll use all sorts!
    This one sounds awesome! I hadn’t even thought about polyester being flammable before 😦

  25. As I look around my sewing studio I see warm n natural and warm in white. Soft n bright, hobbs 80/20, bamboo,raw wool batts and mountain mist poly. Ok I am either undecisive or like em all.

  26. I tend to use Warm & Natural or Warm & White with light fabrics.

  27. I kind of choose whatever is in the store at the time that fits my quilt. I like warm and natural a lot. I only really like the piecing of the quilt, not so much the quilting, so I try to get a batting that doesn’t have to be quilted very closely!

  28. I normally use warm and natural or 80/20 blend. I’m from Canada, so I have less options for an affordable price, but I love trying different kinds. I make a lot of baby quilts, so I’m always looking for something soft and cuddly, but also that gives the crinkly vintage look when washed.

  29. Pattie C says:

    I use 100% cotton, but for baby quilts this would be great. I had no idea it was available but I’ll look for it now.

  30. I usually use warm and natural or warm and white, but I’ve not done a lot of experimenting with batting.

  31. I have always wanted to try this batting. I use Warm & Natural (or White) because I hate polyester and WW is all that’s available here. Thanks so much for the chance at your giveaway!

  32. I love Warm and Natural. It’s easy to work with and really warm. I’m trying to find a good one for a summer quilt.

  33. I usually use the Fairfield 80/20 cotton/poly that is sold at Joann Fabrics. I would love to try this one!

  34. Shelley C says:

    I don’t have a favorite. It’ is usually what I can find locally. If there isn’t anything in town, the next time I’m at WalMart I pick some polyester batting up there. I’ve used just about anything. I would like to try the exotic ones sometime…bamboo, silk or wool.

  35. anything all-natural or all-cotton. warm and natural is great!

  36. I will usually use an 80/20 blend because I like the look of it when it shrinks up a little bit and looks like an antique quilt does.

  37. Melody Howard says:

    I use warm and natural. But then, it’s the only brand available at our local fabric store.

  38. I really love the Hobbes wool….. it is washable and light weight but warm!

    My grandmother used traditional wool batting that couldn’t be washed in her quilts. If really needed you had to take the quilts apart to wash them (They were tied together)

    The Hobbes wool is a modern way to remember her in my quilting.


  39. I always use Warm and Natural and usually stock up when our local quilt shop gives a 25% off birthday discount. 🙂

  40. I don’t have a favorite (yet?), I usually go for whatever’s on sale!

  41. Sadly I have to go with what’s avaliable at our craft shop! I have used Warm and Natural mostly but have a new package of Quilters Dream to try out. I am looking forward to the higher loft.

  42. I have only done two quilts so far. The first one my fiance’s mom and aunt took care of the batting and the backing. The second one was just the cheap stuff from Walmart. I’m trying to decide what I want to use for the quilt top I just finished.

  43. I prefer cotton batting- Quilters Dream or Warm and Natural. I like to use fabrics that are not pre-washed. After quilting and washing, all the fibers shrink and you get an antique look to the quilt.

  44. i usually use the 80/20 wadding from creative grids here in the uk


  45. I have used warm and Natural for my quilts but have heard that Quilter’s dream is really good. It is not sold in stores near me. Would love to try it.

  46. I use Warm and White from Joann’s.

  47. Cotton batting is my fav! I’d like to try Quilter’s Dream…usually use Hobbs or Warm and Natural.

  48. I use bamboo batting for baby quilts & runners because it is thinner and drapes so well (plus natural anti-bacterial) but having a recent fire in our house (small-we’re ok!) this is really of interest to me! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. Hi, I have just gotten a roll of a local couples wadding. It is called HollyBurton farm and it is a poly cotton. I love it and it is pure awesome!

  50. Jenniffier says:

    I am still pretty new to quilting. I have used warm and natural. I am almost done with my next top so I will be looking for some batting pretty sone. My next project is a quilt for a little cousins so trying something new would be great.

  51. I use a bamboo batting usually, I have no idea of the brand, though – I get it cut off the roll at the local quilt shop. It’s nice and thin, and soooo soft it’s almost a shame to hide it in the center of the quilt!

  52. i live in israel and its very hard to find cotton batting
    so of corse i would love to use cotton batting from any compony- it s good for me!

  53. Tina Hansen says:

    I am new and had purchased Mountain Mist low loft for a charity quilt or two. I noticed how thin the batting was of many of the ladies so I emailed Amanda Jean (CrazyMom) and she she she liked/used Warm and White, so I have purchased some of that to try.

  54. I have to watch my pennies so end up using whatever poly batting is available at Wal-Mart. Would love to try this kind of batting on a special quilt… Thank you for the giveaway … quilting is also my therapy


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