Swirly Whirly Twirly~ A sneak peek

As I was preparing to quilt one of Tula Pink’s awesome quilts, a particular piece of fabric stuck out to me. Her newest fabric line, Plume, is awesome and full of fun, intricate designs. But this is one of my favs.

I wanted to quilt something similar to the swirls on this particular designs. I tend to have an affinity to swirly, whirly, twirling things, especially when quilting. I wasn’t sure exactly how to replicate this kind of design and I didn’t really have the time to practice and figure it out. But then I happened upon this tutorial on the 365 Days of Free Motion Filler Designs blog. After watching her tutorial, I was able to follow her directions and replicate her design (well almost).

Thanks to Leah Day for the awesome tutorial!

As I mentioned in the title of this post, it is a sneek peek of Tula’s Quilt. You may then be wondering why part of it is unquilted. Unfortunately, my thread management skills failed me and I ran out of thread with only 4 blocks left! I have less than 30 minutes of quilting left and I ran out. {Insert a Homer Simpson “Doh” here} So I ran upstairs and ordered the thread off the internet, but I found out today that it is on back order. Of course, that is totally my luck.

I am lucky that Tula is understanding and still loves me…..right Tula?……right?



  1. i’m sure she still loves you… i like how it looks like a combination of ocean waves & feathers… very nice!

  2. Of course I still love you. You have earned yourself a whole lot of credit with the cartwheels quilt you did for me. Sometimes I just lie awake and stare at it. Sigh…

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