Work in progress

Ah, the UFO’s. Nothing says procrastination like an unfinished (abandoned) project. In a dark corner of my quilting studio, hides my oldest work in progress.

(Note the inch thick layer of dust on the box)

Once the lid is off, the fabric stares back at me. It’s probably enjoying it’s first breath of fresh air in years.

I am a good friend, but I am also I procrastinator. I love to promise special projects, only to have them end up unfinished and all alone.

My friends were getting married and I thought that my wedding present would be a signature quilt. Inspiring and encouraging messages were written on fabric strips at the rehearsal dinner. I managed to get a few of them sewn into blocks, before it was hidden in the back of shelf. The happy couple have been married almost 5 years and have a second baby on the way. So not only do I need to finish this quilt, but I owe her two baby quilts. My goal is to finish it by the end of next month. Unless, of course, I decide to put it off again. Maybe I can get it done in time for their 25th anniversary.



  1. That would make a great anniversary gift! Kind of like a time capsule of sorts 🙂

  2. kelly61 says:

    Great idea. My daughter is getting married next month and I think I might do something like this! Thanks! And it is like a time capsule 🙂

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