Just can’t cut it!

Sometimes, I think, “I just can’t cut it.” I am usually referring to a super cute piece of fabric with a big print. In this case, I just couldn’t quilt through the print in the borders of this quilt.

Kathy, from the Country Expressions Quilt Shoppe, gave me this quilt and I knew that these designs were begging for special attention.

So I quilted around them and filled in the background with a loopy meander. The view from behind:

But just because the borders were awesome, doesn’t mean that the rest of the quilt was ignored.

This is a close up of one of the blocks. I did a swirly type of feather in this one. One of my handy “go-to” designs for squares.

A feather motif in the corner triangle is another one of my favorites.

And now, the picture of the back. I love the back of every quilt that I see, but I mean no disrespect to the fabric designers and quilt piecers. The back is just my thing!!!

Thanks for looking!!!



  1. Wow, Thats heaps of detail! It must’ve taken you ages! Well worth the effort, Looks awesome.

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