She’s my cherry pie……

Ok, she’s not mine. She belong’s to Tula Pink, but a girl can dream right? The latest Plume quilt to leave my hands is Tula’s Cherry Pie quilt.

A closeup of one of the blocks. I did alternating designs in each of the wedges, just to keep it interesting.

I love to quilt Tula’s name in her quilts. Just something to keep me amused. Doesn’t take much.

And the back, what can I say. By now, you all know it’s my favorite.

I totally stole this picture from Tula’s website. I like to think of it as a family picture. All the girls together. The Cherry Pie quilt, the Le Petite Salon quilt, the Cartwheel quilt, and the Pancakes quilt. You can purchase her fabric and patterns here.

Until we quilt again…..



  1. Wow! This is beautiful work, like always. I would want to keep this after I’d finished, too. 🙂

  2. This looks awesome too! You’ve done it again! Stash it under your bed and tell her it just vanished 😉 Or just visit it often.

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