Not Quilting Related

My friend Whitney made this adorable purse and I wanted one, just like it.

I bought the pattern and she graciously offered to make me it for me. I wanted the same fabric and everything. But, when I went to my favorite quilt shop, they didn’t have enough of the lining fabric. So I picked out some different fabric equally as cute. But I did get a fat quarter of the lining fabric. You know, just so I could look at it.

Then I came across this pattern on With my limited sewing experience, I was a little worried about making it, but it seemed simple enough. The best part, it only used 2 fat quarters of fabric. So I gave it a go and this is what I made.

I am really happy with how it turned out, it’s the perfect size for me. I think when I make it again, I will put interfacing in the strap and on the lining. But it was really easy to make and it should tide me over until Whitney gets mine done!



  1. lesthook says:

    I love them both! Great material!

  2. Awesome! Well done, I love it!

  3. Thank you for the link.
    I love that fabric!

  4. Whitney Wilson says:

    Great job on the purse Angela!!!! I will have to BUY that pattern and make some of them.

  5. Really nice bag. I was looking at the amy butler fabric you as the lining in town this afternoon. They didn’t have any coordinating fabric available but now I’ve seen this I know what it goes with! Might have a quick surf through the fabric shops now so I can make a bag for myself!!


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