Hot off the rack~ Kathy’s Quilt

Just finished up another quilt the other day. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing something. Especially a quilt like this.

Kathy L. (not the same Kathy of The Quilt Shoppe) designed this quilt for a Thimbleberries quilt competition. We emailed back and forth about how it should be quilted. These emails also included high quality pictures of my ideas

I say that jokingly of course. How professional can a sharpie and freezer paper be? Thankfully she trusted my judgment.

This is a close up of one of the blocks. Since it was a sampler quilt, I quilted each of the blocks a little differently. I used a lot of straight lines and echo stitching on them. I wanted to give this quilt a “hand-quilted” feel.

In the border, she wanted the green and blue stars to pop out a little more.

I would show you a picture of the quilting on the back….but can you believe that I didn’t take a picture of the back. I must have been really tired that night. I am anxiously waiting to hear how the quilt does in the competition.



  1. Good job! Love the technical design ideas there! Yet again, You’ve done an awesome job!

  2. Your quilting is SO fabulous – it’s amazing how just the right quilting makes a wonderful quilt amazing! I love the fact that you take the time to study the quilt and figure out just how to enhance it perfectly.

  3. As always an incredible job. I love your quilting skills.

  4. I love how you quilted this! It is truly wonderful!

  5. Great job!!!

  6. Beautiful!

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