What are quilts for?

Quilt are for cuddling under as the snow falls outside. An extra layer to keep the cold air away. But as a picnic blanket, they are unbeatable.

This is the fourth quilt I have ever made. Even though its not the best quilt I have ever made, it’s survived my three children, so far.. It’s been drug through the yard several times and has made countless forts and secret hideaways. Isn’t that what a quilt is for?

A more recent accomplishment would be this monogrammed quilt:

I don’t consider this an accomplishment due to it’s size, it’s tiny, or to the complexity of the pattern. No, the accomplishment is that it’s finished! It was made for my girlfriends baby who is only 2 months old. The fact that I was able to give this to my friend before her daughter’s graduation from preschool is a big deal to me. I got the idea for this quilt from a blog, but unfortunately I don’t remember which one it was.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Oh my goodness! This monogram quilt is stinking adorable!!! The photography is pretty wonderful as well.

  2. OH it’s beautiful! I find great joy in finishing a baby quilt before the child reaches kindergarten 🙂

  3. I love picnic quilts! And you are so right…that is what they are for!

  4. That Momgramed quilt is gorgeous! Love it!

  5. My very first quilt was a picnic quilt I made for a friend…not my best either but she loves it! Love the monogram quilt and as always love the quilting on the back!

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