If quilting is my therapy……..

…….then my quilting machine is my therapist. And what a great therapist she is, always there waiting for me. So quick to listen and such a very hard worker. But even she needs some upkeep. I have been putting off replacing the needle bar for quite some time. I mean, let’s face it, a needle bar just sounds kinda scary. I had tried convincing my husband that he should do it for me. But since that wasn’t going anywhere, I decided to do it myself. I printed off the directions and after reading them, I thought wow, I don’t know if I can do this. But I had put it off long enough and I had to get it done.

Using my super cute pink and green toolbox………

I took my baby apart (doesn’t she look so sad).

I pried the out the old needle bar and set the new one in.

The old needle bar and the new one.

After putting her back together again, I held my breathe and took the first couple of stitches. She did great!
I had envisioned all sorts of problems that I would run into, but none of them materialized.

Now that I have done it, I realize that it isn’t a big deal at all!



  1. OMG…that is too scary.. I would never feel comfortable taking my therapist apart…

  2. You are a woman and we can hear you roar! : )
    Well done!!!

  3. Go Angela! I bet those first couple of stitches were scary!

  4. Kelly Harris says:

    way to go!! you are so amazing!! and i love your cute toolbox 🙂

  5. Hi there, at the moment the Fresh Modern Bee 2 is in theory full because I’m giving the commenters on the list time to come forward first and a couple swapped over from Fresh Modern been 1 because it was overly full. But if the ones who originally commented don’t all come forward (and they haven’t all yet), I’ll let you know. Your quilting is awesome and that Tula Pink quilt is just incredible.

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