I’m not “Feeling Blue”…….

I am downright red from being so giddy. Hello to everyone coming over from the Tallgrass Prairie Studio, thanks for stopping by. I finished this “Feeling Blue” Quilt pretty soon after Jacquie’s Selvage quilt and the quilting styles I used on them couldn’t have been more different. This quilt was such a stretch for me, she wanted geometric and I am used to flowing, whirly stuff. But I was up for a challenge. She already has pictures of the quilt on her blog, so I won’t bore you with repeats. Instead, I am going to show you what I love……the back of the quilt.

Let me set the scene. Jacquie lays out this fantastic quilt top and the first thing I thought of was “thread color”. I strongly prefer to use the same color on the top and bottom, and her front and back were both pieced with dark and light fabrics. We agreed to match the threads to the front and let the design show on the back.

It was so neat to turn it over and see the designs that weren’t very visible on the front show up so vibrantly on the back.

Here is a close up of the front and the quilting adds texture to the quilt but doesn’t take away from the stunning design.

When I laid it out and showed my husband, he said “This doesn’t look like anything you have ever done before!”. I told him that was what I was going for. Jacquie was so good about letting me do what I wanted. I love that she pushes me creatively!

Thanks for looking!!!!



  1. Incredible! I love how you highlighted the geometric feel to this quilt. Everyone wants to “soften” my geometric quilts with swirls.

  2. modernjax says:

    This is my favorite. quilting. ever!!!!!

    Any tips on doing something like this on a domestic machine?

  3. wow I really love this quilting version looks great

  4. Sarah D. says:

    Jacquie brought the quilt to last night’s guild meeting. Your quilting + Jacquie’s patchwork (again) = a spectacular quilt!

  5. Even MORE STUNNING in real life. Seriously beautiful! 🙂

  6. gorgeous! I’m so glad I got to sneak a peak at the Guild meeting.

  7. That is unbelievable – my gosh you are soooo talented. The quilt front is gorgeous too. But that quilting! There’s an outside chance that a place might come up in our Fresh Modern Bee II because one of the participants has vanished into thin air at the moment. If she doesn’t reappear by the time the first person is ready to send out their blocks in a few days, would you still be interested in joining in? If so, drop me an email – or leave a comment on http://lilysquilts.blogspot.com/ to let me know and I’ll let you know this coming week whether or not the missing person has reappeared!

  8. kelly61 says:

    Thanks for showing that in detail! It’s beautiful!!

    Pop on over to my website this week for a vintage block giveaway!


  9. I had the pleasure of holding up this quilt at the meeting…and I just had to tell you that the quilting is spectacular. I love the geometric patterns and the different colored thread. Amazing.

  10. loved seeing this in person at the guild meeting. I think the quilting you did is so unique and perfect for the quilt. I’m thikning I need to make a quilt to fit this quilting style, so you can do it for me! 🙂

  11. Thanks for posting about this quilt. I must admit that I am still working at perfecting my stippling technique, mostly straight lines and circles/waves. I like this idea, I might try it!


  12. I absolutely love this aesthetic. Thanks for opening a whole new world of quilting ideas to me.

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