Something Sweet at the Moda Bake Shop

The Moda Bake Shop has a new pattern called Frosted Stars. It’s the newest offering from Charlie Scott over at Quebee Quilts.

Here are a few more pictures:

In the diagonal sashing, I quilted straight line to emphasize the blocks and to balance the denser quiting that I did in the blocks.

I had a lot of fun quilting this quilt. Like Charlie mentioned in his post on the Moda Bake Shop, he stay stitched around the quilt. Whenever you have pieces on the outside of a quilt that were cut on the bias, there can be a lot of stretching out of shape. This was very helpful in keeping the quilt borders straight as I quilted. Charlie did an excellent job designing and piecing this quit, I was happy to play a role in quilting it.

Thanks for looking!!!



  1. I do have one question that I did not ask. Was my quilt straight?

    • Absolutely! The true test of a quilt’s straightness is when I get to the last border and yours was as flat as could be. Loved it!

      • Whoot!!!! That makes me so happy to hear. I just love this quilt. My BH asked me if this quilt was our to keep. He loves everything about it. He told me to keep you around as a quilter. Loves your work!!!!

  2. One of the fresh modern bees has an opening. Head to, ask to join there and email me your home address if you’re still up for it. If your Flickrname is not quiltingismytherapy, make sure I know that it’s you asking to join! Sorry to do this in a comment rather than an email but I’m on my laptop and don’t have your email address on it! You can also ask to join if you fancy it. Not be part of the bee but we’re linking the two Flickr groups so we have a chance to all get to know each other across both groups. Lynne

  3. Huge Congrats Mate! Thats awesome!!! The quilting looks so good on an already great quilt!
    : )

  4. Angela! I am so happy you found me in blog land! I was thrilled to meet you. You are a sweetie too. Meeting you and Shea was one of the highlights of my trip. I wish I would have thought to have our picture taken together. I even looked for you later in the day to see if we could do that. It’s so much more fun to blog about stuff you have pictures of!
    I love your quilting. You are amazing! How I wished you lived closer. You would be getting quilts from me all the time.
    Many hugs. I hope your week is good. I look forward to keeping in touch.

  5. I attended your blog wonderful quilt works .I like it very much the free pinning your samples wonderful beautiful ones .

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