Things that scare me……..

Certain things scare me….a lot.
1. Any kind of stinging or biting bugs
2. My kids saying “uh-oh” while in my quilting room
3. My kids in my quilting room….
4 um….anyone in my quilting room
5. Quilting circles

hmmm? Did i just type that out loud? I guess it is out in the open now. Circles scare me, customers requesting circle scare me,….. I can do whirls, I can do twirls. You want a whirlly twirly swirl, I can do that. And I love to do it. But random perfect circle, that scares me.

You may wonder why………. shall I demonstrate? Grab a pencil and paper……I’ll wait…..OK, ready. Holding the pencil in your fist, proceed to draw a perfect, symmetrical circle. Then imagine that your pencil weighs about 10 pounds and is vibrating. See what I mean!

But all fears are made to be conquered. There are only so many times I can say to a customer, “I agree, I think circles would look great, but what do you think about ___________ (fill in the blank with random quilting design)” So after yet another customer requested random circles, I knew it was time to get it figured out. And I had just the quilt to test it out on, a quilt for our upcoming family reunion. It’s ok, they’re family, I am pretty sure that they have to love me no matter what.

So I pull out the quilt Aunt Sue made for the reunion.

It screams circles……….. I must do circles on this quilt. By the way, big high 5 to Aunt Sue. This 70-something quilter pieced a modern looking quilt, she was definitely stepping outside her comfort zone.

So here is the finished product. I am not super happy with the finished product, most of the circles are about 6 inches wide, I had a difficult time keeping them even.

And some of them ended up looking more like swirls, but I will keep practicing for sure. Maybe one day I will conquer those circles!!!

PS~ follow me on twitter if you want to read my semi-mindless babble about quilting. If you were already following me, you would know that I have purple streaks in my hair. No kidding!



  1. I feel the same way just about every time I put my hands on the machine handles!!! Your circles look great and I love the quilt. I have made several of the “I Do’s” It is a fun quilt.

  2. I think your circles look amazing!!! I have a circle lord template that I follow with a stylus to make the perfect circles. I would not feel comfortable making them free motion. It looks GREAT! The quilt is great and the circles are even greater! From someone who understands!!!! Kudos!

  3. Fabulous! It looks great!

  4. I have just done the same thing!
    I worked out pretty quick that they all had to look a bit ‘dodgy’.
    By the time I had finished They looked sorta looked great being that they were freehand no tools used!
    I am putting the binding on now, Will post about it on my Blog When Finished!
    Come over for a visit

  5. kelly61 says:

    I love your swirls!

  6. Laurie G says:

    It looks great! But if you want perfect circles you need to check out the Circle Lord by Loricles. Mike and Kaye are amazing to work with and it’s amazing how easy it is to use. No one needs to know how easy it is for you to do and you can charge a lot for it. Check it out!

  7. Your quilting looks great!!

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