Hot off the rack~

So I went to the KC modern quilt guild meeting last night and, as usual, it was a lot of fun. I handed off some quilts that I had finished and now I am able to show them off.

Caitlyn’s quilt is what I will affectionately call “Sunburst” I tend to give most of the quilts I quilt a little nickname, helps me keep track of them.

The fabrics in this quilt just seem to glow, it is even more stunning in person!

She did such a good job piecing those curves! Thanks Catilyn for being so great to work with!!!

The next quilt I reluctantly returned was Julie’s quilt. Not only did she do a great job on this but it was her first quilt! Amazing! My first quilt is nowhere near this good!

Both Caitlyn and Julie let me do what I wanted to on the quilting and I hope that they are both happy with the way it turned out!

Thanks for looking~



  1. I am definitely jealous about how you quilt. Have you done a tutorial on the quilting aspect. Do you use a walking foot or do you do it by hand?
    Your header of the blog is tremendous. You have such a natural flair for quilting. Well done.

  2. Spectacular quilts made even more stunning by the quilting!

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