Hot off the rack~~

I love the internet, and I mean, I LOVE it. Through the magical land of the web, I am able to meet cool people and even quilt for some of them. For instance, take my newest customer, Safieh. All our communication has been through email and we were able to collaborate on her very special quilt.

This is a very special gift for her nephew, and it was so fun to quilt.

Thanks for being so great to work with Safieh!



  1. Thank YOU for going above and beyond to do the most amazing quilting and to send it back to me so quickly so that I can at least show it to my nephew tomorrow at his 1st bday party!! I can’t wait to open it back up and find all the stars and exciting things you quilted into it!

    I am going to get busy on the next one to send you!

  2. That is beautiful!!!

  3. I was wondering if you did quilting out of state. So great!

  4. Love this quilt. Great Job. Your work makes this shine.

  5. It is just beautiful!! You are very talented…

    Jennifer 🙂

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