How to Splice Batting

Recently, a quilt that I was working on was larger than the batting I keep on hand. So when I got to the end of the quilt, I needed to add another piece. Using two pieces of batting in a quilt is easy and quick, not to mention economical.

I flipped up the quilt top to expose the batting. I do this on my quilting machine, but it can be done on the floor or a large table. Do this right before you need it.

Overlap the two pieces of batting by 5″-7″

I pulled back one piece of the batting just so you could see the overlap.

Using scissors, cut a gentle “s” curve through both pieces of the batting, from one end to another.

I drew out what it would look like just so you can see what it looks like. There is no need to mark it before hand.

It is kind of hard to see, but I have cut the pieces of batting.

You will now have 4 pieces. The 2 big pieces that match up and 2 small pieces that you will pull out and discard.

Once the smaller pieces are discarded, match up the two bigger pieces. They should fit together perfectly.

I put the quilt top back on top of the batting and secured the batting “seam” with a pin until I quilted it. This will just help prevent it from moving around before I quilt it. If you are basting the quilt to quilt it on your sewing machine, just special attention to the seam.

Using the curved “seam” to match up the pieces of batting helps disguise and also prevents the quilt from developing a fold line.

Now that my batting is ready to go, back to quilting!



  1. I’ve used this great technique since you presented it at the KCMQG meeting. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve been quilting for some time and have never seen this technique. I fully plan to give it a try. Thanks.

  3. You are a genius! : )

  4. vandenberg1 says:

    my hero! thank you for this info!

  5. Thanks for blogging this. I was trying to explain it to a friend and she just looked confused. 🙂


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