Melissa’s Quilt

I met Melissa through the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, just before she moved away. (Insert unhappy face here) But before she left, she gave me a quilt top to quilt.

It has now made it’s way back to her in Virginia.

Even though the quilt is a square pattern, that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with it. In order to keep things interesting, I quilted a different design in each border of the block. It didn’t take any extra time, but it really adds some interest to it, don’tcha think?

I been such a blogging slacker lately, it’s because I have been working on some things that I can’t show you.

When most bloggers say that, it means they are working on a new book or an exciting line of fabric. When I say that, it means I have been keeping my kids alive, fed, and (mostly) clean………

Thanks for looking!!!



  1. Beautiful as always! Quilting makes the quilt!

  2. Oh yes, I do love the quilting! It really makes each block come alive!

    I also love reading that a blogger has been working on something they can’t show…makes me wonder what they’ve been up to! For me, it means the same as you…family comes first and when my stuff is done and I have time to take pictures, then I will be able to show it! No big secrets with me!

    BTW, I love your header! So colorful!


  3. Melissa Perry says:

    WOW!! I love seeing my quilt in the blog world. That is so cool. Thanks so much for quilting it. You did a great job and I love it. I will definitly use you again. I can’t wait to see what you are working on.

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