All about Amy ~ fresh off the rack

So my latest customer quilt is for Charlie….everyone say Hi Charlie! This quilt is all about Amy Butler and I love it! I hadn’t seen all of the different colorways of this line, so I was drooling over all the different fabrics.

I quilted the Plume Feather in each of the diamond shapes, I just love how it fills the diamond shape perfectly. So fun!

In the triangle on the side of the diamonds, I did this little shape. Just a little doo-dad to fill the area.

And the back, probably my three favorites pieces in the line…….just perfection.

Awesome quilt, so very well pieced and a pleasure to quilt. Thanks for looking!!



  1. Another work of art from both you and Charlie. It was great to see this quilt in person. It is beautiful!

  2. This looks awesome! Its hard to imagine some of Amy Butlers fabrics all together cause they are so busy but that looks sooooo good! I love it! Great call on the feathers! Perfect!

  3. This is fabulous! I love the quilting!

  4. Beautiful plumes. Charlie sent me over to take a look and I’m so glad I did. The detail of the quilting is outstanding.

  5. so we added chickens says:

    I popped over from Charlie’s blog to see your work on his quilt and I have been happily perusing your blog – What beautiful work you do! Your plume really sings on this quilt and your tutorial is very clear. I am happy to have found your beautiful blog and will be coming back 🙂

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