Oh Baby!

Or more correctly, Oh Laura’s Baby!

This was my first time working with Laura, but I knew I was going to love her the minute she said, “Do what you want, lots of quilting”. That’s a paraphrase, my ears shut off after “lots of quilting”, that is so my specialty!

All the circles were made with adorable fabrics that will delight the eyes of any baby lucky enough to play with this quilt.

I wanted to use the quilting break up the large white space into different chunks. I marked the quilt with diagonal lines, following the basic direction of the circles and quilted each section a little different.

And the back….oh the back is as cute as the front! She did such a good job piecing it and it just works so well with the front!

I am always, without fail, nervous the first time I quilt for someone. Quilting is a subjective art, even if I quilt the most perfect feathers, if my customer doesn’t like feathers, they aren’t going to like it. Doubts were ringing in my ears all day….”Did I quilt it too much? Did I use patterns that would look girlie?”

I met her before the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild meeting to give her the quilt, but I was running late (as usual). I had only a minute or two to give it to chat with her and she didn’t have time to open it up and look at it while I was there. I took my seat a few rows behind her and the meeting began. I could see her looking at it and showing her neighbor, but I couldn’t see her face. I leaned over to Whitney, “She’s looking at it, I hope she likes it. What if she hates it?” Whitney just rolled her eyes and told me to shut up. (We are good friends like that.) At the break, I made a beeline for Laura. “Did you like it?”, I asked her. She looked at me, “I didn’t like it……I loved it!” A huge smile on her face.



  1. Great quilt. Lots of open space to let your creative juices flow! I saw it in person and it was wonderful! I am certain Laura’s baby will think so too.

  2. What a beauty! Your work is so unique and always stunningly beautiful.

  3. I agree with the other comments. This quilt is beautiful. I love all the circles. You did a great job.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt! You should be so very proud of this work. I could stare at it for hours, noticing different elements and movement. Well done!

  5. Lovely!

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