Hot off the rack~ Mary’s Quilt

Have you ever been in a chocolate store? Not just a generic store with run of the mill candies, I am talking about the kind of store that has chocolate candies so beautiful that you can’t imagine eating them. They sit in their perfect little wrappers in perfect order, looking more like jewels than anything edible. That is what Mary’s quilt reminded me of:

Isn’t it stunning! The black fabrics pop off the white background, just awesome.

The ultimate goal of any quilter is to have with the least starts and stops. When I decided that I wanted to quilt a “frame” around each of the blocks and a different design inside, I knew I needed to figure out how I was going to incorporate that design without quilting each block separately. Also, I didn’t want it to look noticeable on the back.

Hmm…what to do?

This is a picture of the back of the quilt. Can you tell where I started the blocks?

There it is!

I used the swirly meander to get me close to the block and then at the point inside the circle, I began the “frame”. I quilted around the block, then into the block and then came back out at the same point I started. Then I continued the swirly meander to the next block. (Click on the picture to make it larger)

Some people don’t like contrasting thread on the back, and I don’t set out to do it. But when I get the opportunity, I love it (Have I said that before?). I just love how it looks and especially on that black sateen.

~Thanks to Mary for being such a faithful customer and thanks to you for looking~



  1. Wow, that is amazing! Such a talent to be able to think far enough ahead to arrive at a design like that! And so neat and tidy too! Very nice!


  2. Gorgeous! I love the frames.

  3. Cathy A says:

    Your work is amazing. I’m always awed when I see what you’ve done.

  4. this looks fabulous! great job on the quilting~ just awesome!!

  5. Stunning. I love the quilt that Mary made but your quilting has really made it into a spectacular piece of art.

  6. This really is a stunning quilt. I love that framing around each block. I adore these colors too.

  7. My first thought was stunning. Then I read the other comments and see others thought the same. Your quilting is what makes this quilt…stunning.

  8. Great description and photos (you’re becoming quite the pro with that camera!).

    I helped mom get the binding sewn down yesterday- I think she’s planning to bring it to the August meeting. You did such a great job with it!

  9. That is really amazing! SO intricate!

  10. Gosh Angela you are so incredinly talented – you turned a very simple quilt into a work of art – I love hearing about the process as well – it’s so unknown and alien to me!

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