Custom Quilting vs. Semi-Custom Quilting

That is usually the first question I ask myself when I receive a customer’s quilt. Deciding how much and what kind of quilting is a very important decision to make. While I love to quilt intricate designs, it can take away from the quilt if I am not careful.

If a quilt has a lot of small blocks or is made out of busy fabrics, selecting one two areas to highlight with the quilting will make for a more pleasing result. I call this semi-custom quilting. A little bit of custom quilting and a little of freehand.

Helen O’s quilt is a great example of that. Her quilt had a lot of smaller blocks and I knew that trying to quilt each of them would be too much for the quilt. As I looked it over, the green blocks jumped out at me, so I decided to stitch around each of them and do a swirly design all over the rest of the quilt.

However, the borders of her quilt were just begging for special treatment.

I just finished up a quilt for my Aunt Cheryl and it is also another great example of semi-custom quilting.

After about a half-second of looking at it, I knew I wanted to do something in the green blocks. I decided to quilt a “flowery” design.

It’s hard to see on the front, especially in a picture, so here is a picture of the back:

And a close up of the border.

I am so excited that my Aunt Cheryl is making quilts and now if I can just convert my mom…..

Thanks for looking! Remember, quilting isn’t a craft, it’s an art!


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