Hot off the rack~ Kathy’s Quilt

So I have been so busy lately, working on quilts that I can’t show you….yet. I am working on one for Tula Pink that is so top secret that I have to quilt it with my eyes closed. Let’s hope it turns out ok.

But I can show you Kathy’s quilt.

This quilt had to be custom quilted, there was no doubt about that. I did something different in each area of the quilt and I went all out. I really wanted the quilting to help tell the story of her quilt.

I did some pebbling detail around the leaves and berries.

I had a fun time decorating all the house, adding my own little touches.

And of course, swirly stuff in the background. Kathy is one of my best customers and always lets me go crazy with her quilts!

Thanks for looking and Happy Quilting!!!



  1. This is amazing work! I love how you quilted each section differently, letting the quilt speak to you as you worked on it. Just lovely!

  2. Linda in TX says:

    Looks really great! I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

  3. Secrets……….secrets!! Quilt looks great, love the quilting.

  4. Angela – you are truly a gifted person. This quilt looks awesome. I wish I had know you when mine was made and I had you quilt it too. Love your work.

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