Quilting some Peace and Comfort

I quilted an extraordinary quilt a couple of months ago for Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio .

When she brought me the “Peace and Comfort” quilt, she gave me a list of words that she wanted me to use in my quilting.

I wanted to quilt the name of the quilt in a bigger, nicer script, so I printed off the words and traced them on the quilt

I put it in the upper left hand corner so it would be easy to see

When I was ready to quilt the words, I first wrote them with an water soluble marking pencil.

Doing it this way allowed me to make sure that the spacing of the words was as even as possible.

Jacquie also let me add any words that I could think of. When I think of the Red Cross, I think “help is on the way!” So I added that in quilt as well.

The red block was the focal point of the quilt so it got some special attention.

Jacquie had embroidered the word “cross” on it, so I added the word “Red” above it in red thread.

I like to do fun little things that most people will never notice. On the front of the quilt, I quilted the word “Peace” backwards so that when you look on the back of the quilt, the word is the right way.

Oh, the little things I do to amuse myself!

Quilting words on a quilt is something that I hadn’t had the chance to do before so I am very thankful to Jacquie for giving me the opportunity.

Thanks so much for looking!!!



  1. It was great to see this quilt in person. The quilting was both unusual and awesome! Great job.

  2. You did a beautiful job on that quilt!

  3. Your are fab!!!!!

  4. Great job!! I saw this on Jacquie’s blog and loved how it turned out!! It is beautiful!! Amazing!!

  5. amazing is the word of the day for this quilt…and i use it to describe you all the time!

  6. Wow- this is gorgeous! Your free motion quilting is fantastic!
    I really like the wording- I am having words and dates put into a picnic quilt that I am making as a belated wedding gift for my brother and SIL. She is very sentimental about the dates and miles stones of their relationship, so I thought it would be neeto to have it quilted with all that. I hope it looks this good!

  7. always love to see your quilting – so beautiful!

  8. Paula Coleman says:

    gorgeous quilting, as always!


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  2. […] blogged about the quilt here and shared the process. It really is an inspiring […]

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