Proposal Moon

Do you want to see more pictures of this gorgeous quilt? Head over to Tallgrass Prairie Studio to see my guest post and to hear all about this awesome quilt!



  1. Wow! My favorite color scheme at the moment combined with knock quilting. I cannot wait to finish a quilt top and let you have a go at it!

  2. Read your guest post! This quilt is fantastic. The story behind it, the construction, and the quilting. What a wonderful story!

  3. Your quilting is gorgeous and very artistic!

  4. Wow – the quilting really makes the quilt. And I enjoyed reading the guest post, too.

  5. I am swooning over this quilt and the story behind it! The story is romantic, the quilt is a perfect reflection of the story, and the quilting is amazing! Gorgeous work all the way around.

  6. Angela, You are a quilting goddess. You know that don’t you? Surely in Greek Mythology there was a quilting goddess (other than Arachnid, who as we know was not a goddess…just cursed by one). I LOVE your quilting!



  1. […] issue of Quilter’s World, Jacquie wrote an article about Modern Quilting. On the bed is her proposal moon quilt, which I […]

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