Hot off the Rack

A couple of weeks ago I finished up a quilt for Greg, who lives in New York. I was super excited about this because now I can say I quilt “Coast to Coast”

I quilt for a group of ladies in California, I have had a customer from Texas, and now New York…..hmm just need someone from up North….but I digress……

Greg contacted me through my blog and asked me if I would be interested in quilting for him. Then he mentioned that he had never used a longarm quilter before, he usually handquilts. I can’t speak for Greg, but I know that it can be hard to send a quilt of to a longarm quilter for the first time, especially if you are used to doing it yourself. I suppose it is like letting your baby stay at the babysitter for the first time. You are sure it will be fine, it has to be fine…….oh no, what if it isn’t fine?

But it turned out great…..

I am sorry that the picture isn’t the greatest. This one had a special birthday party to get to, so it was quickly out the door.

Here is a view of the borders and the designs I used on them. Greg left the design decisions up to me, he only said he like lots and lots of quilting (my specialty).

Close up picture of the block. I love to do designs that help add extra detail to the block. I used Quilter’s Dream Cotton Batting on this quilt and I LOVED it. The quilt was so cuddly and soft, not quite as stiff as the poly batting. Just perfect for a quilt that is going to get lots of love.

Thanks for looking!




  1. I could be a customer from the north, I live in Wisconsin!

  2. Oh it looks wonderful, I am sure he will be very happy with it.

  3. This is really pretty. Well done!

  4. It is even more beautiful in real life. Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the quilting, Angela!

  5. What a truly beautiful work of art this is! Greg’s patience and perseverance are to be admired, all complimented by your intriguing quilting, and I am sure it made a wonderful birthday present. So thanks to you, Angela, for your part in it. Being Greg’s mom, I am very proud of what he has done!

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