Random Sewing

As a quilter, I would love to make everyone a quilt for every occasion….but unfortunately that isn’t possible. My nephew C, turned 2 yesterday and he loves Curious George, so I knew he needed more “monkey” in his life. I let the kids help me make him some pillows using brown flannel and some fablique’s that I got on sale at Joanns.

Isn’t it darling?!?!

The I saw that I had some solid yellow fabric and some leftover brown flannel. I decided to make him a cuddly blanket to drag around with his pillows.

I used this tutorial (which I had done it the past with fantastic results). But this time I did something wrong because I ended up with a box looking shape. Upon reflection, I realized that my mitered border was not so mitered.

So I pulled and stretched but it wasn’t going to lay flat….hmmm what to do. I have an acute aversion to my seam ripper so I decided to stuff the darn thing and call it a floor pillow.

I used some batting scraps in the bottom to help it hold it’s shape and filled the rest with fiberfill. The little man loved it and I guess that is all that matters.

Thanks for looking!!!



  1. So so cute!
    You can never have enough Monkeys in your life!!!

  2. This is so cute! and creative.

  3. It was a great idea to turn it into a floor pillow. A two year old can really enjoy one of those and the other two pillows. Perfect for use in a blanket fort or just relaxing.

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