Hot off the Rack~ Caitlin’s Quilt

When I headed to the Kansas City Modern Quilt guild meeting last week, I had a quilt for Caitlin. I have to admit, I really wanted to keep it. It’s super cute!

It doesn’t matter to me that it’s personalized with the cutest name ever. I would consider changing my name……But I knew that no matter how much I loved this quilt, it needed to go back to it’s home and back to an adorable little girl.

I quilted a “ferny” type design up the quilt.

I like how it filled in all the spaces.

In the rectangles, a simple design helped show off the cute fabric.

And, of course, a photo of the back. Isn’t the variegated thread fun?!?

Thanks for looking!




  1. Caitlin should be so happy with this. That fabric is so sunny, and I like the way the applique pops off the surface. In fact, I like it so much that I am doing the same pattern with a Plume jelly roll right now!

  2. This is just gorgeous! The variegated thread is subtle, but definitely adds dimension to the quilt.

  3. Thanks so much Angela!! I absolutely adore it!! I’ve finished the binding and now I’ve just got to find one of those special markers to write on the label. I can’t wait to dress up Ardyn’s bed with it 🙂

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