Wanna see Tula Pink’s PARISVILLE quilts in person?


If you receive emails from The Quilt Shoppe in Stewartsille, you may have received this:


Quilter to Tula Pink and now available to YOU!
Angela will be displaying several of her award winning quilts including the “Top Secret” Quilts of “PARISVILLE” by Tula Pink.

These quilts have never before seen by anyone as they are off to International Quilt Market in Houston next Thursday!
Angela will be taking reservations, answering questions and getting to know everyone
Friday from 4:00-7:00

Refreshments will be served!

Even though my quilting machine isn’t being delivered until Monday, Kathy is hosting a meet and greet tomorrow night (October 22nd) at her shop. Tula Pink is displaying her PARISVILLE quilts in public for the first time! So if you are in the area and would like some snacks, fabric or the chance to see the amazingness that is Tula Pink in person, you should stop by!

The Quilt Shoppe is located at 118 Hill Street, Stewartsville MO 64490

Thanks for looking!




  1. Too bad I do not live in the area! Would be great to stop in and see the quilts and get to meet you Angela!!! 🙂

  2. I live in the area, but husband has the car and won’t be home until 10 pm…so sad!!

  3. Oh how I wish I was there 😦 I don’t think I could make it there from here in time – lol. I’m sure everyone will have a fabulous time checking the quilts out.

  4. Awesome! I really wish I could be there mate! I hope it all goes really well for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it!!!

  5. Amazing work. I’ll look for them at Market I guess. Congrats on the new location.

  6. I saw Tula’s quilt in person this past weekend at Quilt Market. I really am speechless at your art. You and Tula make an impeccable team and it was a joy to see your work up close.

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