Hot off the rack~ Mary’s Quilt

Well, it’s technically her daughter, Kelcey’s, quilt. She gave it to me and said, “Go crazy” That isn’t something you say unless you are willing to have some crazy, crazy quilting.

Here is a picture of the finished quilt.

When I started quilting it, I knew that I wanted to do something that wouldn’t be too noticeable on the front……but on the back, I wanted it to be…..Wowza!

I decided to do some of my favorite designs, but bigger, bolder and….well, crazy. After all that was the request and the customer is always right!

I quilted the main swirly design at least 6 inches wide, then I echoed it and filled it in. I think it looks kinda like a snake. Not a mean, ugly snake or anything…….but a cool looking snake.

I alternated between designs. I love how they fill in the space so evenly!


In other machine quilting news, my newest quilting machine, Maggie, is going to be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully, I will get my quilts done twice as fast now!


Thanks for looking!



  1. This quilt is fantastic…the quilt and the quilting. It is beautiful. Can’t wait to get a look at “Maggie” in action!!

  2. Oh my goodness! I have never seen anything like this – the quilt is really great (love Amy Butler fabrics), and the quilting is amazing!

  3. And what kind of machine is Maggie? 🙂 SO excited for you. Hoping I’ll get to see you in November! 🙂

  4. Angela, we just took Kelsey’s quilt out of the dryer and the quilting is even more impressive when the fabric has crinkled. You really are the MASTER quilter!

  5. Can you tell me what pattern Mary used for this quilt? I really love it, but I don’t know how to contact Mary to ask her.

  6. Or paisley! Really cool paisley!

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