Meet the newest member of Angela Walters Quilting~ Maggie!

After years of drooling over the APQS millenniums, I finally got one of my own. She was delivered yesterday at the Quilt Shoppe (Home of Tula Pink)


This is the empty spot I had picked out for Maggie.


When the APQS dealers arrived to set up the machine, I only snapped this picture. I was too busy watching what they did in case I ever needed to move it.

Within an hour, she was set up and I was getting acquainted with all the new parts of the machine.

The first quilt that I quilted on Maggie turned out pretty good.


In case you are wondering, I am still keeping my Gammill Premier at my house. I am planning on working a couple of days at the Quilt Shoppe and the rest from my house. This is such a great opportunity for me, and I am super excited about it. I am so thankful to Kathy, the owner, for giving me this opportunity and to my husband, for believing in me. Now I can get out of my basement once in awhile and visit with other quilters. How Fun!

Besides just my quilting services, I am going to start offering quilting classes. Wheteher you quilt on your sewing machine or on a Longarm, I can help teach you the basics of freemotion quilting. Or if you prefer more personalized instructiuon, I will be offering one on one classes. I will announce the dates for those in the next month.
Thanks to everyone for reading and make sure you stop at see me at Quilt Market if you are going there. I will be in Tula Pink’s booth.






  1. WOW! I am so jealous! You are going to do amazing things with this amazing machine Angela!!!!!!!

  2. She’s a beauty!

  3. Georgieanna says:

    WOW!!! You do amazing work. You inspire me to learn how to make quilts

  4. Oh happy day! Congratulations and happy quilting! I wish I lived closer 😦

  5. Congrats on the new machine! I only wish that I had room for one too. Well, someday…

  6. love the pictures…who took those wonderful things?

  7. wow! congratulations!! wish i could come take a class!

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