Houston Quilt Market

Wow, time sure flies! It just seems like yesterday that I was at quilt market in Houston meeting so many fun people.

When I arrived in Houston, I met up with Tula Pink and had the opportunity to check out her booth. She had described it too me, but words didn’t do it justice. It was stunning. Over the past few months we had been frantically working to get all her quilts finished and ready. So I was excited to see all the quilts together.

Her new pattern, Kiss Kiss, was the first quilt I finished for her. I actually quilted 3 of them. One for practice and 2 for quilt market (the other one was at the Brewer booth)

Every bit of my quilting was designed to enhance the pattern and the fabric. It was well worth the effort.

The next one finished quilting was the Modern Alphabet quilt. When she gave it to me, she requested big feathers. I quilted them like bookends on the quilt. I love, love, love this quilt!

The third quilt in the line was Windswept. Another fantastic quilt pattern!

Unfortunately, I didn’t end up taking anymore pictures. I had a stomach virus and missed the first day of market…….boo! But the rest of the Quilt Market was fantastic and I met so many people. I can’t wait to attend the next on in Salt Lake City!!!

Thanks for looking!




  1. Judy Barber says:

    What fantastic quilting. You must have this special skill to know what type of quilting to place in the perfect place on the quilt. All I can say is”WoW.

  2. Fantastic quilting, as always. The booth looks fantastic!

  3. I love that alphabet quilt so much! And your work is gorgeous, as always!

  4. it was GREAT to meet you at quilt market!


  1. […] the design. It’s very similar to how I quilted Heather’s quilt and Tula Pink’s Kiss Kiss quilt. I just love how leaving areas unquilted creates a totally different […]

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