Black and White

I actually finished up Nikki’s quilt (well actually her mom’s quilt) almost 2 months ago…but I am only just now blogging about it…….I have been such a slacker!

I am sorry that the picture isn’t the best, I was in a rush when I snapped them.

When Nikki gave me the quilt top, I decided to use black and white thread both……I didn’t want the quilting to take away the stunning fabrics that she used.

I used a ferny feather in the block. Below is the back view of the above picture.

I quilted a geometric design in the border.

Of course, I took a picture of the back of the quilt.

This was my favorite part of the quilt…..kinda like a quilty yin-yang.

Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. You did such a fabulous job on this. My mom is giving it to my youngest sister for Christmas. I’m jealous!

  2. Love the quilting on this quilt. Most awesome.

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