I took the advice of my friend, Whitney….for once. She suggested that I set up a flickr group for quilts that I have quilted. Even though the quilts don’t belong to me, I think of them as my foster children. They stay with me for a little bit, I put some love into them and then they go back to their real parents. When I see them long after I have quilted them…..they just bring a smile to face.

So drop by if you would like to look around. Or if you have pictures of quilts that I have quilted for you, I would love for you to add them. My flicker group name is: Quiltedbyangela

In other fun news, my blog turns a year old at the end of this month. I can’t believe that it has been a year since I started……the fact that people even read it is even more shocking to me! I am planning a big giveaway to celebrate. Tula Pink, Whitney at Four Punkins, and Heather at Olive & Ollie are just a few of the people donating prizes….and the grand prize will be free quilting by yours truly. So keep an eye out!

I also want to say that I love the people that take the time to subscribe to my blog, so I will have a special prize for them. If you aren’t a subscriber, you may want to get signed up in time. There is a place to enter your email address in the upper right of my blog.

This last year has been great, but I am looking forward to an even better year ahead!!

Because every blog post should have pictures, here are some pictures of a quilt that I finished up for Greg right before Christmas.

Now you can see why I need a flickr group…..my pictures aren’t the greatest. I usually quilt late into the night and have to take pictures while the kids are asleep.

Here are a few more pictures of the details.

Thanks for looking!



  1. Angela, your workmanship is beautiful! I’ve become an admirer and a blog follower (through RSS feed) since briefly meeting you in November at the MQG in KC. I’m the Iowa visitor. I wish I could be at the January MQG meeting to hear your presentation. All the best.

  2. Ohh, sounds like a great giveaway! I love the prizes already. You are going to pick me right? LOL

  3. Altho you probably have no way of knowing it, I subscribe to your blog on my Google Reader, so I get every post you make there. There are probably a lot of subscribers like me. *S*

    I love that quilt you posted today, and welcome to flickr. It’s a wonderful way to keep track of things and let others get a look at your work.

  4. I’m signed up! But you know that I’ve been reading your blog all the time anyway. I love my new quilt – thanks for doing such a great job quilting it!

  5. Hey can i win my own stuff!?

  6. Congrats on a year of blogging!

  7. I’m so looking forward to this! Now, to only find the perfect prize to giveaway… 🙂

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