~Shake, Rattle & Roll~

Thanks so much for the nice comments you all left on my previous post. To follow it up, I wanted to post my own pictures of Jacquie’s quilt that was in the most recent issue of Stitch magazine.

I love how the quilting makes the blue background appear like it is behind the main blocks. I think that it adds depth to the quilt. In the blocks, I quilted random lines. My thinking was that I wanted them to look like fault lines since this quilt was inspired by an earthquake.

Only one more week until my big giveaway, I am going to have some fun prizes as well as a giveaway just for my subscribers. So you may want to subscribe for a chance at an extra giveaway and, also, you will never miss a “therapy session”.

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There is a winter storm heading our way, but I bought extra coffee so I think it’s going to be ok! Happy Quilting!!



  1. I’m loving all the texture and movement in your quilting. Awesome job!! : )

  2. Once again, this is gorgeous quilting, Angela. Thank you for the close-up pictures that offer so much inspiration, even to those of us who FMQ on domestic machines!

  3. Beautiful quilt. Jacquie really makes them beautiful and your quilting is fabulous! Need to find a copy of the magazine.

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