Giveaway Week!!!!!! If it can be done, it can be learned!

Keep those entries in the giveaway coming! You could be the lucky winner of quilt patterns, fabric, Stitch magazine or Free Quilting! And it sure doesn’t get any better than free.

Thanks for all the comments about the people that inspire you to create, it seems like we all have someone that has put us on our path to the joy of quilting (or crafting).

My motto has been, “If it can be done, it can be learned” What does that mean exactly? If someone is doing it, then you can learn it too. Everyone started somewhere, most likely at the beginning. But in blogland, it’s easy to just show the very best of what we do. In the name of transparency, I am going to show you pictures that few people have ever seen…..some of my first quilting.

When I got my quilting machine, I started with pantographs (designs that you trace from the back of the machine). This lovely heart design was one of the 4 designs that I could do. I used this picture to help promote my work…..eeek!

I soon grew tired of pantographs, boring!, and decided to go to the front of the machine. This was a big step for me, I was moving into the land of freehand quilting!

Wow, look at those swirls…….but at the time, it was my very best and I was so proud. This quilt was a charity quilt, and I am sure it made some little kids very happy. If you are wanting to hone your quilting skills, I would strongly encourage you to quilt for charity. It’s great practice and giving back, all at the same time!

Once the swirls were mastered, it was time to move on to the flower.

Looking back now, I can see that the quilting wasn’t right for the quilt, but we live and learn, right?

Once I mastered all-overs, I was pretty bored and ready for the next challenge: semi-custom quilting

Oh yeah, those are leaves! I loved them and thought that I had mastered this whole quilting thing. Through lots and lots and lots and lots of practice, I began to define a style for myself. I began to try new things and never gave up.

Fast foward almost 8 years:

My son is learning cursive right now, he is practicing all the different letters and he gets frustrated easily. I encourage him to just keep at it, over and over and he will get it. When I write in cursive, I don’t have to think about how to write the letters, I just do. I have written my name so much that I can write it big or small, sloppy or neat. Quilting is the same way. Once you “get it” you will be able to quilt the designs with out thinking about them.

So with quilting, or anything that is worth learning, keep at it! Because, “If it can be done, it can be learned”




  1. Teresa Silva says:

    Thanks for your blog today…I just bought a new Gammill and quilted my first quilt on it. It was very basic and I look forward to learning more on it. I, too believe that if it can be done it can be learned. I’m a self taught quilter so I know I will learn this. You have encouraged me to move forward and just “go for it’. Thanks again.

  2. What a wonderful post, Angela. That is what I love about you- your desire to encourage and teach others. You’re sincere about it and that is what makes you “you.”

    Now I really can’t wait to get moved back and have a lesson with you!

    I’m trying to find a place here that will let you rent time on a longarm- I want to do my own quilting for my Kona No Prints Allowed challenge. Cross your fingers- it could be a wild ride!

  3. What great encouragement….maybe someday I can try to do something more than straight lines and loops! Thanks for being “real”.

  4. I hope I “get it” pretty soon!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your first quilts at KCMQG and in your blog. For me, it is proof positive that we all start at the same place. Thanks for encouraging us all to push our boundaries and grow!

  6. thank you for sharing this! I often look at your work in admiration as you are the best long arm quilter I know of but to see your feable beginnings, to know that you too once had to practice, is so nice to see. So inspiring!

  7. Thank you for this blog post! I have only been longarm quilting for a few months and I get frustrated at myself for not getting it straight away and looking at all those beautifully quilted quilts out there can at times bring tears to my eyes and I wonder if I can do it. I can see my progress but it is slow. Looking at your blog post I see that, that is just the way it is. I am currently doing some charity quilts and the experience has been great. Thank you for making this real for me and enabling me to appreciate my own progress in my learning process.

  8. This is so encouraging! (And your work is so very amazing.) I did some “custom” -type free motion quilting on my table top sewing machine the other day, inspired by your presentation at KCMQG. I have to wait until it’s swapped to blog about it but it was a good learning experience!

  9. I’m having a hard time believing those hearts are yours!! Everyone starts somewhere right? ; ) Teasing aside… I love this post. I think it’s hard to remember the work that goes into learning a new skill in this “pretty” blog world. Practice is really so important and their are no short cuts. The progression of your skills is amazing.

    You are an artist! Your work is so amazing. I know I’ve told you many times… but seriously girl. Your skill, talent and vision blow me away!

    ps- I’m still trying to plan a quilt worthy of your talents. Don’t worry, it will come to me!

  10. You are a great inspiration! Thanks for the encouragement.

  11. Chris Ballard says:

    I love your quilting! I have been doing alot of pantos too, just because they give such a consistent look that I have always feared I could not do. Free motion is my favorite, but I am too critical of my work, as most of us are. I think your quilting looks wonderful, enjoy and keep up the sharing, it is great! It is very inspiring!! More than you know!

  12. I love your post – gives inspiration. Will you come to my house though and hold my hand and help me learn? I think I know the answer to that question, but I’ve got to ask. 🙂

  13. mariajhmom says:

    Thanks! I really needed this post today. Headed back downstairs to finish loading the next quilt. It’s going to be quilted…without a panto!

  14. What a wonderful post! Thanks for the encouragement. You do lovely work!

  15. Oh my look what you have achieved in those years. Thanks for showing this now I feel that there is hope for me, maybe more than 8 years though.

  16. What an excellent post! I just started learning how to long-arm quilt last year, and it was as exciting as getting a driver’s license was to me all those years ago. Seeing your progress over many years summed up in this one post is really inspiring. Thank you for showing us those old photos!

  17. Thanks for showing your first work, reminds me of someone I know. It encourages me that I will improve with time and practice. I love being inspired by your quilting and study your pictures for inspiration.

  18. Woah my goodness! How far you’ve come! 8 years! I’ve got a lot to learn! It’s so appropriate that I came across your blog! For the last week I’ve been debating signing up for a long arm class. If I’m ever half as good as you I’ll be pleased as punch!

  19. What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


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