Giveaway Week!!!!!! There’s nothing like free

I am so happy and a tad surprised to have some many entries in my giveaway. Y’all must really like free quilting!

Since there has been such a high turnout, why don’t I add another prize……….Don’t mind if I do!

If over 200 people enter the giveaway (don’t’ comment here, go to this post to enter) I will add another $50 gift certificate for free quilting to the prize list. That’s a lot of prizes dontcha think?

As a side note, Jacquie posted a picture of a quilt I quilted for her on her blog.

The Cogs Quilt

So isn’t this the most amazing quilt you have seen! The fabric, the layout, the quilting……it all comes together to make such a beautiful quilt.

She will make this quilt available in a pattern and you better believe I will be making one for myself!

You know, that is the hardest thing about this job. I get to quilt these fantastic quilts for cool people and I can’t tell you about them until a lot later…No fun!

For instance, I can’t tell you that I am quilting a &$*#*& quilt for #$&@ to be published in &%$*$#%& Magazine.

Oh well, guess I better get back to quilting!

Good luck!



  1. WOW! I am totally loving this quilt!

  2. um does this mean i have to give you another prize too 🙂

  3. Your enthusiasm for your giveaway is cracking me up! I can’t wait to see what you do with my quilt.

  4. Love this quilt! Looking forward to the pattern…

  5. I saw the photos of your work on Jacquie’s blog and was wowed. Your quilting is undescribably awesome. I’m going to have to look for the details on mailing, etc. a quilt to you! 🙂

  6. Jacquie’s quilt with your quilting–stunning! I’m inspired to crank up my own efforts so I have something worthy to send to you for quilting. What beautiful work.

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