I’ve been stripping……..

That’s what I have been doing lately…..stripping!

Not clothes, silly! I have been stripping wallpaper.

We just purchased a new house and as gorgeous as it is, we weren’t in love with the wallpaper. So it had to go.


Stripping wallpaper isn’t fun or glamorous but, now that we are done, it’s time to pick out paint colors. I am thinking about using this purplish, gray color one wall of my quilting room:

When I am not helping my hubby at the “new” house, I have been quilting some plume feathers on some very fun quilts!

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the front of the quilts. They are top secret…….for now!

Hopefully we can get this house under control so I can get some more quilting done!


Thanks for looking!



  1. okay, so I totally need advice on stripping wallpaper. I massacred the walls on my last attempt.

  2. Hi, the canvas is blank, It’s exciting to create a new look for your home …I love watching make-over programs on tv, they are like time-lapse photography and your see the results so easily. Reality is lots of elbow grease but lovely to get the home just right for you, hope it all goes smoothly for you. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Go Walters Family! You have certainly been busy! Have fun picking paint colors. That’s my favorite part!

  4. I don’t envy you at all… I hate stripping unless of course….well never mind that!!

  5. Nice color! Anything that has purple is great anyway!! Nice Plume Feathers! I am going to try them on my hot diamonds quilt! You are inspirational!

  6. ~Michelle~ says:

    Ugh, I despise wallpaper with every fiber of my being… been there, done that… I feel for ya! Would you mind sharing the paint color? I was trying for something similar in my bedroom, and missed the mark a bit…

  7. I think you should do a post on stripping wallpaper. It looks like you were able to get your off, but when I tried I had a mess. It peeled the paper off the sheet rock.

    Your quilting looks great as always. I can’t wait till I can see the backing of my own quilts on your blog.

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