Keeping it in the family

So, by now, most of us know that I learned how to quilt from my husband’s grandparents. My mom wasn’t the “sewing type”, she was the “drop-everything-and-help-out-your-kids type” but not the sewing type. So after I learned how to quilt, more than 8 years ago, I tried to convince her to learn.

“Mom!!!” I would say in my most whiny tone, “you don’t understand, I can quilt them for you!” But I couldn’t persuade her.

Then my aunt came into town and didn’t even give my mom a choice, she drug her to a local quilt shop and helped her pick out fabrics for her first quilt. Now I am proud to say my mom is hooked! (Funny how that happens!)

She finished her first quilt top and gave it to me to quilt (now she understands how cool it is to have a longarmer in the family!). Her she is with the finished quilt:

Say it with me……AWWWWWWWW! Isn’t it precious!

It’s so fun to quilt quilts for friends and family. There is none of the stress of worrying if they will like it or not! And I have to say it’s great to have another quiltmaker in the family. I plan on never piecing a quilt top again……isn’t that what moms are for?



  1. That’s so awesome for your mom! She did a great job. Isn’t great to share your passion with someone you love?!

  2. Great quilt. Mom will now learn the virture of having a great longarmer!! How nice to be able to share with her.

  3. That is so awesome!
    I am so glad to see your mum sewing with you!
    That is a beautiful quilt!!!

  4. If I could have another daughter Angela would be my first choice! Could you imagine having Angela and Tula as your daughters…THE BEST Quilter in the world AND THE BEST designer in the world. Awesome!!!!Oh and Whitney toooooooooooo!
    Love you girls.

  5. Georgieanna says:

    I resisted a long time…. However a person does’nt stand a chance to say no with a sister on one side and a daughter on the other side. I am glad they persuaded to try to quilt. My fear was sewing i never in my life sewen anything and now… they are telling to sew. thanks Girls

  6. Georgieanna says:

    I resisted a long time….. However a person doesn’t stand a chance with a sister on one sie and a daughter on the other side. Boy i am glad now that they persuaded me to quilt. My fear was sewing i never sewen anything in my life and now they are telling to me to do it. thanks Girls. The quilting was awesome that really makes the quilt look GREAT…

  7. That’s a great first quilt and looks very snuggly. My first quilt was a big mess, but it made me even more determined to get it right the second time (hello, rotary cutter!)

  8. how cool! congrats to ur mom, and what a beautiful first project!

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