Today has been a great day times 2!

I received two magazines today, Quiltmaker (in the mail) and Quilter’s World (from Jacquie). What makes them so special is that my quilting is in both of them!

Quiltmaker magazine has an article written by Julie (you know, the Julie from Jaybird quilts

The quilt she made, and I quilted, is her Raspberry Dessert quilt.

This was the first quilt that I quilted for her. She mailed it to me and told me to do what I wanted……no pressure, right?

She even has the quilting diagram in the magazine too, just in case you want to quilt it the same way I did.

And in this month’s issue of Quilter’s World, Jacquie wrote an article about Modern Quilting. On the bed is her proposal moon quilt, which I quilted.

In other news, my quilting room is finally moved and set up in my new house. It’s so nice having windows and more space. I have been putting pictures of it on twitter, follow me if you aren’t already.

Happy Quilting!!!



  1. Great work! The quilts are a delight to the eye and your stitchwork is inspiring. It would be a pretty special feeling to see it in print, thanks for sharing your joy!

  2. I know who I want to quilt all of my quilts! Gorgeous :0)

  3. How exciting!!

  4. Well done to you!
    I can’t imagine how exciting it must be seeing your work printed up like that, I bet you’re glowing 🙂

  5. Congratulations.

  6. How exciting! I think it is so great that your fabulous work is being displayed in these magazines! These two quilts are gorgeous (I think I’m going to hit B&N at lunch today to pick up these magazines). I am still in awe everytime I look at the quilting you did in Em’s Loveliness of Ladybugs quilt.

  7. Congrats Angela! Your work is beautiful. Love that Raspberry Dessert.

  8. Wonderful quilting Angela. And how fun to see it featured in print.

  9. Congratulations. You do such beautiful work. I’ve got a couple I’d love to mail to you and I believe I may try to put borders of one of them to send off today. Well maybe tomorrow. I have to dig down to the machine first.

  10. Fabulous as always. jaybird’s quilts all look fantastic. Congrats on the magazines. I’m going to go buy them!!!

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