My mom finally started quilting, and now my little sister, Heidi has jumped on the band wagon. She pieced her first quilt top a couple of months ago and has been bugging me asking when I would be able to quilt it. Sheesh, siblings! Ok, so I am just giving her a hard time.

I finished quilting it, but didn’t take a picture of the whole thing. I wanted to wait until she put the binding on. But I did snap a few close up pictures.

I love hiding words in the quilting. It could be a name, or a message or words that represent what the quilt is about. I have done it several times, here, here, and here. So I hid some stuff in her quilt and told her that she had to find it.

This one is pretty easy to see, it says “love you little sis” awww…….isn’t it precious!!!!

Then I also quilted “Heidi’s first quilt 2011” It’s hard to see in the pictures so I just showed a close up of a little bit of it.

The information quilted into the quilt acts like a type of label. At a trunk show I was at years ago, the speaker showed several quilts from the 1800’s. In one of them, the quilting was words and important dates and other fun information. It served as a genealogy record and was just stunning.

So if you don’t label your quilts, try quilting the info into it.

Happy Quilting!



  1. I love this idea and as always your quilting is beautiful!
    I’m taking inspiration from your blog to try out free motion quilting again 🙂 (I hope you don’t mind!)

  2. GREAT idea to stitch secrets into the quilts! Your sister will be so delighted.

  3. I started quilting my signature, the year, and the name of each quilt into the bottom edge of all mine this year. Love it, because it not only looks fun, but it’s easier than making up a label and less likely to fade or fall off (if you don’t quilt your labels down, that is).

  4. I’ve just had my first experiences with free motion quilting/stippling this year. By my 4th quilt I was bored/ready to put in a name, and a few other “eye spy” trinkets into the quilting. It was really fun and a hoot to see four adults crawling all over the quilt looking for the special quilting! (We marked em with pins so they’d be easier to show our cousin/the recipient!) She hasn’t gotten the gift…I’ll be blogging them soon!

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